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Automatic Microfluidic Protein Detection and Analysis System
2021-04-03 90
V.WB automatic detection for human diseases (AIDS)

recomLine HIV-1 & HIV-2 IgG linear brand immunoassay products use recombinant antigens to generate lgG antibodies against HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human serum or plasma.

In 1981, Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) was described as a separate disease; in 1983, human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS) was recognized as the pathogen. The virus is mainly transmitted through blood and sexual contact.

The great challenge of serological diagnosis lies in early detection of infection and reliable detection of all HIV variants (subtypes of different strains), which can solve the above two problems.

l  Increase the safety of blood donation and blood products

l  Help prevent further transmission of HIV infection

l  Shortening the window period of HIV testing

Because of the serious consequences of positive report results, positive samples after screening must be verified by confirmation tests. In order to solve the problem of traditional WB immunoblotting, recomLine HIV-1 & HIV-2 IgG only use 8 most important recombinant genes based on ENV, POL and GAG gene fragments. By optimizing the concentration and expression of each antigen reasonably, it effectively solves the problems in traditional WB products such as interference bands, smear, false positive P24 and more non-specific reactions.

After European CE certification and CFDA clinical test, recomLine HIV-1 & HIV-2 IgG can effectively cover all subtypes of group M and group O in HIV-1 and recombinant subtype infection, and can directly diagnose and differentiate the HIV-1 and HIV-2 infection. Therefore, this product can be effectively used for the confirmation and classification of HIV screening results, simple, safe and reliable.

Products advantages
l  very good specificity :Use the 8 most important Recombinant antigen of HIV viru
l  very good sensitivity :Performance evaluation test for sensitivity reached 100%.
Highsensitivity for early seroconversion diagnostic
l  Intraband quality control: no additional comparison of standard test strips is required
l  Experimental stability: simple, safe and reliable.
l  Interpretation objectivity :standardization brand,
objective and easy to quantify by software.
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