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CD171/N-CAML1 Recombinant Protein NCP0182
Product NameCD171/N-CAML1 Recombinant Protein
Catalog No.NCP0182
Host E.coli
TagHis-tag in C-terminal
Restriction sitesNdeI-XhoI
SolublePBS, 4M Urea, PH7.4
Purification&PurityTransferred into competent cells and the supernatant was purified by NI column affinity chromatography and the purity is > 85% (by SDS-PAGE).
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Product Name :
CD171/N-CAML1 Recombinant Protein
Swiss-Prot :
Host :
Tag :
Amino acid Sequence :
Restriction sites :
Background :
Neural cell adhesion molecule L1 (NCAM-L1/L1CAM) is a single pass transmembrane glycoprotein member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, containing six amino-terminal extracellular Ig-like domains followed by five fibronectin type-III domains. NCAM-L1 is mainly expressed in the brain, and plays an important role in the developing nervous system, with involvement in neurite fasciculation and outgrowth, myelination, neuronal migration, and neuronal cell adhesion. Mutations in the NCAM-L1 gene cause varying degrees of neurological disease including X-linked hydrocephalus, MASA syndrome, spastic paraplegia type 1, and X-linked corpus callosum agenesis, together known as L1 syndrome. Apart from the nervous system, NCAM-L1 is overexpressed in many cancers and supports a poor prognosis by facilitating aggressive tumor growth, metastasis and chemoresistance.
Soluble :
PBS, 4M Urea, PH7.4
Purification&Purity :
Transferred into competent cells and the supernatant was purified by NI column affinity chromatography and the purity is > 85% (by SDS-PAGE).
Storage&Stability :
Store at 4°C short term. Aliquot and store at -20°C long term. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
Expression vector :
BiowMW :
Note :
For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedure.
concentration :
Blocking peptide available as NCP0182P
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